High strength and antigrafiti protection. Our Antigrafiti Partitions gather all the necessary features to provide the user with a clean and comfortable environment in the areas of public bathrooms.


SANILOCK® traditional beauty and functionality

Complete, easy and quick cleaning, even with mild soap and water

Reinforced graffiti and corrosion protection

Use stains are removed, lipstick, pens, markers and even permanent ink to spray paint.

Savings in water consumption for cleaning

Minimum Maintenance

SANILOCK® lifetime guarantees that in normal use the Antigrafiti Partitions and hardware are free from defects in workmanship and materials


The partitions are manufactured in an Anti-graffiti Enamel finish specially designed to easily remove stains from use, lipstick, pens, markers, permanent ink and even spray paint. Inside with a 1 ″ x 1 ″ galvanized square tubular profile, 20 gauge. Its perimeter structure is monolithic (in one piece), and interior reinforcements. The joints are electro welded (MIG) and protected with a gray anticorrosive fund. Inside is an expanded polystyrene plate with a density of 14 kg / m3. On the outside, the covers are made of 24 gauge steel sheet.

Its installation ends with type 304 cal stainless steel hardware. 12, thermoelectrokinetic chemically polished. The hinges are made of the same material with a thickness of 3/16 ″, all fittings are guaranteed for life.

It has an anti-graffiti enamelled steel sheet, it has reinforced anti-graffiti and anti-corrosion protection, it does not burn, it does not tear and it allows you to remove wear spots, lipstick, pens, permanent ink markers and even spray paint. Saving in consumption of water and cleaning products and requiring minimal maintenance. Its ability to allow stains to be removed is guaranteed for life.

All SANILOCK’s Partitions have an interior structure that is manufactured with a galvanized square tubular profile, with internal reinforcements and a polystyrene core, covered with the final finish and all our partitions have type 304 stainless steel perimeter molding.

SANILOCK® guarantees for 10 years that the Anti-Graffiti Partitions under their normal use are free from defects in workmanship in finishes and materials. Anti-graffiti property, color and hardware in normal use are guaranteed for life.

Some sites of our clients with Antigrafiti Partitions

Throughout our experience we have had the confidence to serve a long list of clients to carry out their projects of Public Sanitary Partitions, we put at your disposal some of the works in which we have participated in different parts of the Mexican Republic.


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